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Actor: Patrick Troughton

5024165886380: Doctor Who
9786302256758: Doctor Who - An Unearthly Child [VHS]
9780790798400: Doctor Who - Lost in Time Collection of Rare Episodes - The William Hartnell Years and the Patrick Troughton Years
5014503245023: Doctor Who - The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition [Import anglais]
9786302993615: Doctor Who - The Keeper of Traken [VHS]
5014503101220: Doctor Who - The Robots Of Death [1963]
9786302256796: Doctor Who - The Three Doctors [VHS]
9786302884968: Doctor Who - The Trial of the Time Lord (Limited Edition Boxed Set) [VHS]
5014503180027: Doctor Who - War Games (Classic) [DVD]
5014503261726: Doctor Who Bred for War
0883929394395: Doctor Who The Enemy of the World
0883929018970: Doctor Who The Five Doctors
0883929567263: Doctor Who The Power of the Daleks
0883929420742: Doctor Who The Underwater Menace
0883929395323: Doctor Who The Web of Fear
0086162810435: Doctor Who: Resurrection of Daleks [VHS]
5014503109929: Doctor Who: The Aztecs [Region 2]
5014501006428: Doctor Who: The Five Doctors
5014503103224: Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen [Region 2]
5039036026611: Omen - Special Edition (1976) [DVD]
9786303398365: The Sinbad Collection (7th Voyage / Golden Voyage / Eye of the Tiger) [VHS]
9786302676181: The Six Wives of Henry VIII - Complete Set [VHS]