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Actor: Esther Williams

0012569671140: Anchors Away / Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Two-Pack)
9781419800030: Anchors Away / Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Two-Pack)
9786302453126: Duchess of Idaho [VHS]
9786302453119: Easy to Love [VHS]
9786304308639: Easy to Wed [VHS]
0883929011926: Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly Collection
9786302453133: Jupiter's Darling [VHS]
9786301973182: Million Dollar Mermaid [VHS]
9786301971317: Neptunes Daughter [VHS]
9786302453140: On An Island With You [VHS]
9786302453218: Pagan Love Song [VHS]
9786302453157: Skirts Ahoy [VHS]
0012569797703: TCM Spotlight Esther Williams, Volume One
9786302453171: Texas Carnival [VHS]
9786302453164: Thrill of a Romance [VHS]