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Actor: Bob Hope

0874757032498: 50's TV Classics Collector's Edition
0025192178610: Bob Hope Classic Comedy Collection- Give Me a Sailor / Thanks for the Memory / Never Say Die / The Cat and the Canary / The Ghost Breakers / Caught in the Draft / Nothing But the Truth / My Favorite Blonde / The Paleface /Sorrowful Jones
0025192048272: Bob Hope Thanks for the Memories Collection
0191329036563: Bob Hope The Ultimate Movie Collection
0777966811697: Bob Hope: Signature Collection
9781415713693: Casanova's Big Night
0826831070285: Comedy Kings 50 Movie Pack
0085391134220: Lucille Ball Film Collection
0738329216009: My Favorite Brunette
0011301645135: My Favorite Brunette, Inspector General, My Dear Secretary
9780778604211: Road to Bali
0796019601993: Road to Bali Starring Bob Hope / Bing Crosby / Dorothy Lamour
0887090091701: Road to Hong Kong
0738329216016: Road to Rio
9780783255262: Road to Singapore
0738329216078: Son of Paleface
0770334814474: The Best Of Bob Hope: Fifty Years Of Laughter - A collection of Bob's favorite moments from the past 50 years (Volumes 1 & 2)
5018755704918: The Nostalgia Collection: Bob Hope - Road to Bali/My Favorite Brunette
9780783115290: The Princess and the Pirate