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We have upgraded!

The site has been updating over the past few months and now we are done with the big upgrade!

You have gotten to see some of the cosmetic changes as we went along. Many of these could be moved to the live production server without causing an outage.

Over the past few days, users have been accessing the site using our backup server while our main server was fully upgraded. It was a long process taking months of preperation and design but all the hard work is done now.

  • We are running on a new version of the database server
  • We are running on a new version of the web server
  • We have totally redesigned the data layout in the database
  • We have imported all of the data from the old layout into the new layout. This is what took the longest.
  • All of the new users that joined while we were switching over have been imported and can fully access the new site.
  • All of the data updated on the backup server will be copied over to the new site shortly.

All in all it was a very hectic few months getting everything ready but it is quite a joy to see the improves performance.

We still have some work to do. The backup server has to be upgraded now to match the production server for one thing. We want to add more fields to the database so we can provide more information about products than we could in the past. But this work won't impact the site in an adverse way. We can easily add new fields without any interuption to your access to the site.

We have performed a great deal of testing but if we missed something by chance please contact us and we will get it fixed right away.


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