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Data Feed API - Attributes

The attributes are somewhat like fields. They are the individual data items that describe each product. Each product entry will have several attributes. There is no telling which attributes will be attached to each product but they all have the same basic format.

Here is an example of one attribute. When accessing the data feed API, you can get your data in XML or JSON format. Here it is displayed in XML format to make it a little easier to read through.

   <group_name>Over View</group_name>
   <title>Product Name</title>
   <data_type_description>short text</data_type_description>

In the above example you will find these elements:

  • field_name - The unique name used to access this attribute.
  • group_name - The name of the data group this field belongs to.
  • title - The label we place on the screen when displaying this attribute to users.
  • data_type - The database data type we are using to store this attribute.
  • data_type_description - More infomation about the data type.
  • has_linked_text - Some numeric fields have a text representation. We store the numeric value but if there is linked text, we use a lookup table to display that text instead of the number to the user.
  • has_linked_extra - Some numeric fields have an extra text value that goes along with the number. We use a lookup table to display that text in addition to the number.

Hopefully, this helps you understand the data attributes you find in the data feed API.


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