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Data Feed API v2 - Access and Data Layout

This describes how to use version 2.x of the data feed. Version 1.x of the feed is no longer supported in any way.

Accessing the data requires your account to have an active data feed. This switch can be turned on or off on the data feed page. This is also where you will be able to view your KEYCODE which is required to make calls to the feed.

You must always pass these...

  • keycode : 16 digit code (your app doesn't need to log in, it only needs the keycode)
  • mode : json, xml or csv

When looking up data...

  • find : 8, 12 or 13 digits to search for
  • comp : yes/no (optional, defaults to "yes". if "no" skip the company lookup)
  • pending : yes/no (optional, defaults to "no". if "yes" pending updates may be returned)
  • search : normal/deep - if this is omitted or any unexpected value, a normal search will be performed. A deep search  will take longer than a normal search. Our web bots will make an effort to locate more information about the product. This only happens if we have no information on file already. This can take a couple extra seconds or up to a minute. Your app needs to be able to deal with this delay. (defaults to normal)

When updating data...

  • update : 8, 12 or 13 digits to search for
  • field : The product field to update (sorry, no company updates allows)
  • value : The new value (will go into a pending area until validated)
  • Only products information can be updated (no company info)
  • Only update one field per request
  • Update may be ignored if other pending updates exist
  • Error result status is returned if updating a locked product
  • To upload product images, see this blog article.

To download the list of categories...

  • get : category

The feed return data structure...

All fieds are returned regardless of the result. Check the status code before trying to make use of any of the data returned. As long as the code you send is valid (not an error) the barcode field will hold a link to a baccode graphic. If you get a 404 error because we can't find the product, you may still get valid data in the company section so you may want to check the company name field.

    find     the find value you sent in your request
    code     200 = success, 404 = not found, 400 and 500 = error
    message     details about the code
    version     feed version number
    modified     YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (24 hour time)
    ean13     13 digit EAN-13 code
    upca     12 digit UPC-A code (may be n/a)
    upce     8 digit UPC-E code (may be n/a)
    product     the name of the product
    description     size, weight, count, color, etc.
    category_no     numeric category code
    category_text     text version of the category
    url     a link to the product page (not on our site)
    image     a link to an image of the product (on our site)
    has_long_desc     does this product have a long description (1/0)
    barcode     a link to a barcode image (on our site)
    locked     is this data locked from updates (1/0)
    name     company name
    logo     a link to a company logo (on our site)
    url     a link to the company's official web site
    address     the company's mailing address
    phone     the company's phone number (digits only)
    locked     is this data locked from updates (1/0)

You will need to make requests for the content of the long description in a separate call get=long_desc to the GET or POST request. In this case, you will only get back the long description. The return structure of the long description data looks like this...

    find     the find value you sent in your request
    code     200 = success, 404 = not found, 400 and 500 = error
    message     details about the code
    version     feed version number
    modified     YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (24 hour time)
    long_desc     the long description for the product
    locked     is this data locked from updates (1/0)


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