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QR Code Barcodes

QR Codes are a type of 2 dimentional (2D) barcode that are commonly used in advertising and supported by most smart phones. These compact codes can make it very easy to get digital data from print into a computer or smart phone.

Originally created for the automotive industry, these codes have exploded into use in print on business cards, in magazines and even seen on web sites. This is because of the increased access to smart phones that can easily scan these codes and transfer the data to the user.

There are a number of uses for these codes. Web links, contact information (vCard) and other useful types of information. Here is an example of a QR Code that you can scan.

Barcode QR Code

The example image below is highlighted to indicate the various parts of the QR Code

  • GREEN marks the quiet space, a white border that should exist around the barcode to help with scanning
  • Large boxes in the corners are for positioning
  • Smaller boxes in the middle are for allignment
  • BLUE marks the versioning information
  • RED marks the formatting information
  • YELLOW marks the timing information
  • The remaining area marked in shades of gray is the actual data

Barcode QR Code

If you would like to create your own QR Codes, there are several web sites that let you do this. We actually have our own QR Code generator on this site where you can create your very own QR Codes for any use you like and it is totally FREE!

Create your own QR Codes


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