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Uploading images without logging in

So you want to upload product images but you don't want to do it manually. Our system allows you to upload through automation if you have an active data feed account.

The Basics

You will need to send the file along with some other infomation in the form of a POST to our web server. You do not need to log-in or keep track of cookies. You will need to pass your keycode with every file you try to upload.

It is important that you check the results of every upload to make sure things are going correctly. Normally, if things go right you will get back an HTTP response code of 200 and the word "Success!" as the only content. If things go wrong, the HTTP response will be 400 or some value other han 200 depending on the problem. You can examine the content that is sent back for more details about the error.

When you send a POST request to http://eandata.com/upload_image.php with the the following required fields.

  • keycode - this is your API keycode from the data feed page.
  • code - this is the 13 digit EAN-13 code for the product. If you have a code that is 12 digits, prefix it with a leading zero. If you are trying to update using ISBN or UPC-E you will get an error so expand the code to 13 digits before uploading.
  • img - this is the actual image file which must be JPG, PNG or GIF format.

As long as the product exists in our system and there is not already an image associated with the product, the file should upload and be resized. All images are stored in PENDING mode until they are approved by a human. Users may be able to access the pending images but they will get a warning before the image is displayed to them.

Coding Samples And Links

We simply can't give you every possible way to access our data through automation but we can offer some code samples or at a minimum links to other resourses that will help you get your project going.

  • cURL
    • link: cURL Manual
    • sample:
      curl -F "keycode={your-keycode-goes-here}" -F "code={ean-13-code}" -F "img=@{path-to-image-file}" https://eandata.com/upload_image.php
  • jQuery / Javascript
    • Not recommended because it would expose your private key to the browser. You should post to a backend function of your own, then perform a server-to-server upload.
  • C#
  • VBScript, ASP, VB6

If you have other resources that you would like us to add to our collection, or you find that our links are broken, please use the link at the bottom of the screen to contact us. Comments are also much appreciated.


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