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RM4SCC Barcode

Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code is used for the Royal Mail Cleanmail service. It enables UK postcodes as well as Delivery Point Suffixes (DPSs) to be easily read by a machine at high speed.

Each character is made up of 4 bars, 2 of which extend upward, and 2 of which extend downward. The combination of the top and bottom halves gives 36 possible symbols: 10 digits and 26 letters.

As the example right shows, the barcode consists of a start character, the postcode, the Delivery Point Suffix (DPS), a checksum character, and a stop character. The DPS is a two-character code ranging from 1A to 9T, with codes 9U to 9Z being accepted as default codes when no DPS has been allocated

RM4SCC (Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code) is a type of barcode system primarily used in the United Kingdom for the automatic sorting and routing of mail by the Royal Mail service. It's designed to encode alphanumeric data, typically representing postal addresses, in a compact format. Utilizing a four-state barcode, RM4SCC efficiently represents characters using a combination of bars and spaces. Each character in the barcode corresponds to a unique pattern, allowing machines to swiftly interpret and process the information. With its ability to encode a significant amount of data in a relatively small space, RM4SCC plays a crucial role in the postal service's automation efforts, facilitating accurate and speedy delivery of mail across the UK.

The RM4SCC barcode system revolutionized mail sorting operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in postal services. By encoding data in a compact format, RM4SCC minimizes errors and speeds up the sorting process, ultimately leading to faster delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. Its widespread adoption in the UK postal system underscores its reliability and effectiveness in handling large volumes of mail. Additionally, the simplicity of RM4SCC implementation and its compatibility with existing sorting infrastructure make it a cost-effective solution for postal operators aiming to modernize their operations. Overall, RM4SCC barcode technology represents a cornerstone of postal automation, driving efficiency and reliability in mail processing workflows.


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