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Our Android AppRSS

We have developed an Android app to make accessing our data easier for phone users. This blog will describe each of the revisions and upgrades we go through so you can view the entire history. Download from Google Play


We have discontinued our Android app.


Changed the app's name to EANData Barcode Assistant and fixed some links that were still pointing at the http version of the website instead of the new https version. Fixed the app icon.


Switched to a secure HTTPS connection in place of the older non-secure HTTP connection. No other changes made.


Fixed a bug on some phones when using the text search. Added the ability to open ANY web site after using the scanner. By default, our site will be used after a scan. But you can change the URL in the settings.


We switched the barcode scanner plug-in which caused the temporary loss of the scan history. The data saved by the old scanner and the new sacnner are not compatible. 

v1.1.7 & v1.1.8

Very minor cosmetic changes. Cleaning up the look here and there. Nothing special.

v1.1.6 - Performance Upgrade

Images are now cached for offline viewing and faster loading. Descriptions in the history list load when needed the first time rather than when scanned allowing for background processing. Getting set up for new features coming soon.

v1.1.5 - Improvements and Polish

Fixed a but fix that was effecting some users. When trying to upload a picture directly from the camera some people got an error. Added some polish to the history list. Other back end polish.

v1.1.4 - Upload Pictures, Scan History and Pretty!

A few little bug fixes, made things a little more pretty, added the ability to upload images and introduced the scan history screen.

v1.1.3 - Support for meCard and vCard information

Added support for meCard and vCard formatted QRCodes. You can import some of this information directly into your contact list if you like or click on various parts of the information to get added functionality. We plan on improving this area more very soon.

v1.1.2 - Bug Fix & New Feature

The "Quit Application" menu item wasn't working so that got fixed. Added the ability to "Share" scanned data.

v1.1.1 - Minor Adjustment

After working with the app for a few days, it became clear that the main activity was to search for products using the barcode scanner or a text search. So those options are presented before dropping you on the mobile site's home screen.

v1.1 - Ready for the public

This is the first version of our app that is available to the public. This version is mostly an interface to our mobile web site with a few helpful tools layered over the top.

v1.0 - Our initial build

This first version was not for public view. We had a select set of testers that helped us debug some basic issues.