Pending Instructions

users who have shown that they care about the quality of our data are granted the ability to approve changes posted by other users and earn fast lookup credits in the process.

Any member of the site can add or update our data as long as it has not been locked or claimed by the product owner. All users get a number of free fast lookups each day. When those free lookups are used up, the site will pause before displaying the information. If you have contributed through adding or updating our data, you earn lookup credits that prevent the pause. You can also earn points by reviewing what others have entered and approving, deleting or correcting their entries.

When reviewing the information, make sure it is reasonable. You may not have the product in your hand but you should be able to see if what was entered seems reasonable or if it is just garbage or totally inappropriate.

Some users have the ability to approve images or company changes as well as the main product attributes. In all cases, take care when approving or deleting. We want the quality of our data to be as high as possible.